The benefits of OLED light

The OLED Classic pendant is illuminated with a circular OLED Light Panel, delivering all the advantages OLED lighting has to offer:

  • Brighter and more efficient than conventional decorative lighting (150lm)
  • Excellent colour rendering (CRI>90)
  • Homogenous illumination across the light source (Uniformity>85%)
  • Reduced heat, the light source is touchable
  • Free of glare and UV

Directional light

The OLED disc can be moved within the pendant frame to direct light where required.

the oled light source can be tilted 280° within its frame (140°+140°), whilst the frame itself can be rotated 140° L-R, R-L (please See brochure images for further details). THE OLED PENDANT CAN BE STYLED IN TWO WAYS, WITH EITHER A DOUBLE OR SINGLE FRAME DESIGN. BOTH OPTIONS ARE INCLUDED WITH EACH PENDANT, simply remove the second frame wire to create a single frame pendant. 

Decorative lighting transformed

Signalling a new era in decorative lighting, the OLED light source appears to glow independently within its frame, without obvious cables and power connections.

The OLED Classic pendant highlights the potential for designers when the need is removed to disguise the lightbulb housing required by traditional pendant lights and other light styles.

Do you want to design with OLED?

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