The Ribbon
by Min Sang Cho

Min sang CHO's sculptural light installation, entitled The Ribbon, combines OLED and 3D printing technology, processes designed for precision manufacturing, and responds to these systems with craftsmanship and a desire for artistic experimentation.

The Ribbon is 3D printed in a basic form before being manipulated by hand to make each piece unique. Following traditional techniques of Korea, gold leaf is delicately applied to each piece of ribbon to heighten the light reflection of the OLED. In preparation for the creation of The Ribbon, Min sang CHO spent time in Korea to understand the art of gold leafing from a fifth generation master artisan.

For Tent at the 2016 London Design Festival, Min sang CHO worked with Applelec to present The Ribbon within a mirrored enclosure. The mirrors are etched and segmented with the intention of disrupting and distorting the organic nature of The Ribbon. Producing a confusing portrait that Min sang CHO hoped would spark joyful illusion in the viewer, the twisting reflection of The Ribbon is endlessly repeated in the fragmented mirrors.

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