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Organic LEDs, in rigid and flexible forms, present new possibilities for designers in light.

Applelec helps clients integrate OLED technology into objects, furniture, luminaries and interior schemes.

Design with OLED

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with OLED

What is OLED?

OLEDs are organic light emitting diodes. Find out what makes them so special.


Design with OLED

Recent advances are shaping a new chapter for this light source.

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If you need inspiration
look at this.

The Ribbon
by Min Sang Cho

Min sang CHO's sculptural light installation combines OLED and 3D printing technology and a desire for artistic experimentation.

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Rigid or flexible
Discover the potential

Flexible OLED panel

With an incredibly slim profile of 0.41mm, the thickness of the flexible panels adds virtually no depth to a design.

Rigid OLED panel

Easy to handle due to their cool operating temperature, the rigid OLED panels are constructed using a glass substrate.

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Design with Applelec

Applelec has been working with architects and designers to help combine LED lighting, including LED light panel technology, into their designs for almost twenty years, from bespoke furniture to cosmetic counters and building facades.

In 2014 Applelec began collaborating with LG Display to help the design communities to work with their OLED light panels.